The Singing Waiters UK Are Expanding Their Repertoire


One of Britain’s most popular surprise entertainment act, The Singing Waiters, has now expanded its repertoire of entertainment shows.

The Singing Waiters UK are now also performing their popular shows on select cruise ships that set out from the United Kingdom. With The Singing Waiters as part of the crew, cruise ship entertainment has now entered a new and exciting dimension.

Who are The Singing Waiters?

In the past, The Singing Waiters established themselves a good name with their popular surprise entertainment shows at weddings and similar events all across the United Kingdom.

While their classic singing waiters show is still among the most popular acts for The Singing Waiters, expanding their variety of shows was a logical result following the group’s incredible success.

What sets The Singing Waiters apart from other surprise entertainers is their professional training. Coming from the best music and dance schools in the UK, the group is able to virtually accommodate any type of event, from casual entertainment to more serious musical performances.