Health Experts Want More Effort To Protect Kid’s From Sports Injuries

sports-injuries-concernsSeveral experts at the last Whitechapel health conference called for increased efforts to protect kids from sports injuries.

The article at the East London Advertiser mentions the Whitechapel two-day doctor’s conference where fears have been raised about children getting injured in sports.

The concerns have been raised after several primary schools signed up to a programme to get more children into organised sport at school.

Prof Allyson Pollock, author and public health researcher to the press: “The occurrence of injury in competitive sport at school is high. Rugby injuries in particular include concussions, spinal cord and head injuries at their most serious – which can even be fatal.There can also be emotional harm around issues of confidence, competitiveness and performance.”

The conference that had been organized by Queen Mary University of London focused on whether the UK government could do more to protect children from such injuries.

“The government and schools want to increase levels of physical education, with competitive sport as an unquestionable good to improve fitness and physical confidence,” Prof Pollock explained.

He stated that those negative impacts are often ignored. “Current government policy sidesteps the need to address the risk of physical and emotional harm”, he added.