CCTV Flame Detection Provides Fire Safety To Sports Venues

Sports venues such as large stadiums had always been at considerable risks of fires.

One may just recall the Bradford city stadium fire which resulted in 56 casualties and more than 250 injured people and similar such events.

Although the risks for fires breaking out in sports stadiums will remain due to various factors, including smoking spectators, fireworks and many more, newer technology is now making fire detection in sports more reliable and faster.

In previous times, there had been no means to reliably automatically detect fires in the outdoors or in large open venues such as stadiums or soccer fields. This has changed with the advent of CCTV flame detection technology.

CCTV Flame Detection: How It Works

A CCTV flame detector looks like an ordinary video camera and can also function as such. With advanced video analysis that happens in real time, the flame detector camera can detect fire and smoke from what it sees. This has the big advantage that the CCTV flame detector can also work across a big distance as modern CCTV fire cameras can spot fires from several hundred meters away.

As compared to a smoke detector, a CCTV flame detector can also monitor a much larger space. While a single smoke detector can only work in a room, inside an enclosed space like a home, a fire camera can monitor an entire building or other large spaces such asĀ  large buildings and outdoor spaces like forests. This makes them ideal for sports stadiums.

In the heat of a game where everyone’s attention may be elsewhere, a CCTV fire camera has another advantage: It can spot a fire and can automatically summon responders and give them the exact location of the fire.