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A Tip If You’re Looking For A Good Gym

If you want to lose some extra pounds or are otherwise interested to do something for your fitness and health, chances are that you will at some point think about whether you should join a gym. In general I can say that signing up with a gym is always a good idea although I think […]

List Of Golf Courses In The UK

For lists of the best golf courses in the United Kingdom I can recommend the following sites for you to take a look at: Probably the best and most comprehensive listing, with history of golf courses and a lot more information: Complete directory of golf courses in England. This one is not that bad […]

Recommended Mobile Golf Apps

There are a whole bunch of great apps for golf out there. In fact there are so many today it is not always easy to find the right one. PC Magazine has a great article about the top recommended apps for golf enthusiasts. Some of the recommended apps are suitable for beginners, such as thoseĀ apps […]