Private Schools And Sports

A lot of families, when they choose a school for their children look at other things in terms of what a school has to offer. Many just go by a private school’s reputation, others send their kids to that school where dad or granddad went and so forth. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that.

Sports At The Kingshottschool

The children skiing with the Kingshottschool

But if you send your children off to a private school in the UK you should also consider other factors, beyond a school’s curriculum or its reputation.

Not all private and prep schools in the UK offer the same extra-curricular activities for their pupils and they can often differ greatly in terms of what role sports plays.

In my opinion, for children that are growing up, sports is very important.

By playing team sports, whether it be football, cricket or any similar sports that are popular in the UK the children learn a lot about responsibility,leadership and other qualities that are invaluable.

This is the reason that the types of sports offered with a private school are very important to me as a parent. And, as a major benefit, my two children agree with me since sports for them is also a major part of their life. It’s not all just about chemistry, Latin or mathematics.

We are glad we put our children in the Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire since we firmly believe that this private school Hertfordshire excels in all those things, whether it’s their standard of education or the many cultural and sports activities offered there. This includes trips such as their recent skiing holiday in the alps, visiting museums and many more cool things my children are always raving about.

I know that my children grow up into responsible adults and for that reason I am very thankful to the staff of Hertford’s most excellent prep school Kingshottschool. I say that you should consider them if you want the best in local primary education for your children.



Recommended Mobile Golf Apps

There are a whole bunch of great apps for golf out there. In fact there are so many today it is not always easy to find the right one. PC Magazine has a great article about the top recommended apps for golf enthusiasts.

Some of the recommended apps are suitable for beginners, such as thoseĀ apps that explain the rules of golf.

Other apps are available such as Golf GPS or one app which can display to you all the courses in your area together with their green fees. This one is my personal favorite since it allows me get a quick overview over golf courses no matter where I am. It is very handy if you go on holidays. So check the article out and give those apps a try!

Why I Recommend Export Documentation Software

We had a meeting last week where we discussed and analyzed the impact of various types of software on business efficiency and operations. This meeting served the purpose to find out what types of software would be best depending on the type of business so we can recommend those suites to clients.

export-documentation-softwareWhat we did was analyze standard small business software such as Office, Excel, Quicken and Access and also more industry specific types of software.

In summary we can say that standard office software such as Microsoft Office or Excel naturally can help significantly when it comes to the organization, management and communications for almost any type of business.

However, export documentation software stood out as being the clear winner for all those small businesses that deal with shipping to whatever extent.

I am talking about businesses such as internet mail-order retailers, warehouses, import/export firms and so forth.

We found that export documentation software can help significantly, far better than what standard office software can do.

Benefits of Export Software for Small and Medium Businesses

* Helps to keep track with paperwork and documents

* Helps minimize errors on forms

* Helps to avoid missing paperwork

The above points are critical for any shipping business. In this type of trade, a lot depends on proper documents and forms. The larger your operations, the bigger your needed effort to manage those documents. Any issue in regards to the organization of those documents can normally cause major problems. Think about shipping documents and documents required for customs. A small problem here can be a disaster because it could mean that a shipment is stuck at the borders. In a best case scenario it means a delay until you can actually deliver your goods, in a worst case scenario it means your goods will spoil, the customer will stop their partnership with you and of course in almost all cases a significant loss of money.

In conclusion, should you happen to be a small business owner dealing with shipping of goods, either domestically or in particularĀ  internationally you should definitely look into export management software. It is an investment that will pay off in no time.